1. Rick Scott tried to slash school funding by $3.3 billion.

    To put that into perspective, $3.3 billion could pay the yearly salaries of more than 70,000 teachers in Florida.

    And on top of that: In Scott’s proposed budget this year, he makes room for tens of millions in new special-interest tax cuts, but refuses to restore per-student education funding to pre-recession levels.

  2. Rick Scott is the poster child for “pay-to-play” politics.

    Gov. Scott has handed out billions of taxpayer dollars to his corporate buddies through tax giveaways and state contracts that failed to create the jobs he promised.

    He’s been known to change his position on issues after receiving “gobs of money” from special interests, which explains why he approved state money to build a rowing center in Sarasota, two years after he vetoed it — and after receiving more than $210,000 in campaign checks from the developer.

  3. Rick Scott has completely failed to protect Florida’s environment.

    In addition to killing mandates for renewable energy and ending initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Scott said he has “not been convinced” that man-made climate change is real.

  4. Rick Scott has made it harder to vote.

    One of Rick Scott’s first laws made it both harder to register to vote and “slashed” early voting. During the 2012 elections, he refused to extend early voting, forcing people to stand in lines for up to nine hours to cast their ballots, and his administration stopped a plan to let University of Florida students vote early on their own campus.

  5. Rick Scott doesn’t respect the rights of women

    Just a year after Charlie Crist vetoed it, Rick Scott signed a law to require mandatory ultrasounds for any woman in Florida considering an abortion. He’s also vetoed $1.5 million to help fund rape crisis centers. Scott opposes a women’s right to choose in all but rare occasions — he supports overturning Roe v Wade.

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