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Opening the doors in Broward – RSVP now!

We've dotted the i's, crossed the t's, and now we're ready to open the doors. On Saturday, April 19th, we're kicking off the next big step for our campaign by…

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It’s time to expand health care

The Affordable Care Act was passed to help people like Charlene Dill, a 32-year old mother of three from Orlando. She worked three jobs, supported her family, and had a heart condition that could have been managed with regular care. But when our state turned down $51 billion in federal money to expand coverage to working families, Charlene was left without insurance. Last month, she passed away. Charlie will fight to expand health care to the 1.1 million working Floridians like Charlene who need coverage.

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Find someone to high-five

Big news: Our campaign and committee raised $1,526,810 in March, making it our best month since we kicked off this campaign together in November. And even better: More than 2000…

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Watch Rick Scott try and explain himself…

The Miami Herald confronted Rick Scott about the multiple lies in his recent ads. Watch him try to explain himself (and absolutely fail). Warning -- this is brutal.

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